Well hello stranger!

Welcome to my piece of the Internet. A bit about how I got here:

A few years ago, I started a poetry blog after realizing that a bunch of poems I’d bookmarked led to broken links or poor formatting. I just wanted a place to keep track of poetry I liked in a format that was pleasing to me (in this case, the poems alone without any commentary or interpretation). I couldn’t afford to buy every poet’s books, nor could I always find a print copy of what I sought, and books weren’t always the most travel-ready. Originally, I thought about just keeping a folder of poems saved as Word documents on my computer. Then I realized that if I loved these poems and wanted a simple view with no extra fluff, there were surely other people out there looking for the same thing. And lo, the blog was born, with a typically “me” silly+vulgar name to boot. At least this way I had control over what stayed and what went, and I knew I’d never lose the links.

I’ve picked up other interests and hobbies over time, but none with the same level of passion as one particular subject: sex. Sex positivity and sex education continue to be wrapped up in miscommunication, and it’s my goal to combat the misinformation however I can. Enter: the blog. I had to laugh for not realizing earlier that my poetry storage system would work equally well for this particular passion project. My goal is to share what I’ve learned and what I’m working on, both to track my progress over time, and in hopes of helping the occasional stranger who wanders this way. Over the past six years, I have had the good fortune of receiving education, training, and life advice from some of the best in the business. As my own education continues, I can’t help but feel the need to do my part and pay forward by passing on what I’ve come to know.

Alexgasm is an explosion of me–my knowledge, my feelings, my reviews, and my recommendations. The internet is already so saturated with blogs that I confess I’m not expecting much by way of readership. Sex-related blogs are a dime a dozen these days. Still, I am compelled to share my experiences, pieces of my world. I can’t deny that I am making this public in hopes that the people like me out there–and I do believe, with so many people on this planet, that they exist–find the various things I document to be helpful in some way. If you have stumbled this way, please feel free to make use of the tags, categories, and comments!

As for me, I’m in my late twenties, recently transplanted south, and dreaming of the day I get a dog.

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